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About us

The Only in God group originated from the setting up of an internet presence for the small english speaking chapel of St. Joseph's Fuengirola.

When the original St Joseph's site developed into a prayer facility over and above the information and detail of the Church it was decided to split the site and thus the group was created.

At about that time it was also felt there was a need to bring awareness back to Catholics of the doctrines, traditions and beliefs of Holy Mother Church.

A number of sister sites were developed to help fulfil this need in a simple and straightforward way.

These are

Outlining traditional Doctrines and beliefs

An online Prayerbook

The complete Catholic Catechism on line

The complete New Testament on line

The Holy Rosary with scripture

The traditional Holy Rosary

All these sites have been designed and modified for use on mobile phones.

The Only in God Group was originally set up to assist Churches and Church organisations who do not have the facilities or wherewithal create an internet presence. The only reward required is the spreading of the Word of God to the widest possible audience.

We do not claim to be experts nor seek financial gain but have the experience of asking major companies the price to set up a small website for the english speaking church of St Joseph's in Fuengirola Spain and having received no response decided to do so ourselves. As said we had no experience in the field but with the help of God set the website up -

When the founder of the church which was opened in late 1979 saw the site he was moved to say that this could be an opportunity to help those small churches with no internet presence to follow suit. Sadly Mr Frank Fitzpatrick died in late 2019 but his idea like the Chapel lives on.

Only in God Group are what it says on the tin. Set up to promote the word of God online. We do not as we said claim to be leaders in the field. Sadly leaders in the field seem not to be interested in small organisations but we are. No costs are involved other than the small set up and running costs.

If you are interested in this opportunity we would like to hear from you to see if we can be of assistance. No obligation

Contact in the first instance -

God Bless You